Bach: Kantate BWV 119 Preise, Jerusalem, den Herrn (Koorpartituur)

Bach: Kantate BWV 119 Preise, Jerusalem, den Herrn (Koorpartituur)


Kantate zum Ratswechsel in Leipzig / Cantata for the inauguration of town councils in Leipzig

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Bach’s first cantata for the election of the Leipzig town council, composed in August 1723, is one of his most splendidly scored work from his Leipzig period. The choice of opening, with the “representative” form of a French overture, was suited to a festive orchestral scoring. Two choral movements frame a middle section which consists of two arias and a recitativo accompagnato with a trumpet ritornello. The conclusion of this extended festive music takes a reflective turn in movements 8 and 9, when Bach allows a recitative to be followed by simple, prayer-like chorale movement. (New edition in preparation, ed. by Uwe Wolf)

  • Toonaard: C-Dur
  • Jaar van Kompositie: 1723
  • Werkindeling: BWV 119
  • Soort: Bladmuziek
  • Arrangeur2: Goes, Albrecht
  • Uitgevers nr. 2: CV 31.119/05
  • ISMN: M-007-04873-0
  • Taal: Duits
  • Pagina's: 12
  • Releasedatum: 01.08.1971
  • Bindwijze: Soft-Cover/Paperbound
  • Minimale afname: 20 exemplaren
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